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DTF supplies

Redback Premium DTF ink, PET film and powder for heat transfers

Buy everything you need for premium DTF heat transfers of amazingly vibrant and durable prints. Our premium DTF (direct to film) ink is a special high density water-based pigment ink formulated for all Epson Micro Piezo print heads. You'll appreciate superior and hassle-free quality when you use our premium fine powder and our PET film also. Exceptional quality at reasonable prices.

Buy premium quality DTF ink, powder and PET film, posted the same day from Sydney. Don't wait weeks or months to receive inferior quality consumables from overseas. Buy from a local supplier, protected by Australian consumer law and take advantage of friendly, knowledgeable, local advice with just a phone call or zoom. We are Australia's DTF experts and stand by our premium quality products. We even sell our own specially manufactured DTF printers and sell starter packs with them, or can modify your own printer for DTF for you in Sydney. Browse our products and prices and be confident supplying your customers with stunning and durable artistic or promotional items from DTF transfer. 

DTF ink

Redback Premium DTF ink for CYMK and W in different bottle sizes

Our premium DTF (direct to film) ink is a special high density water-based pigment ink which works with DTF powder and heat to produce amazingly vibrant and durable prints on a wide range of materials, including all kinds of natural and synthetic textile (eg polyester, nylon, polypropylene), ceramic, and glass. The ink has been formulated for all Epson Micro Piezo print heads

This premium PET powder has been formulated for optimal adhesion using quality PET film and ink. Choose fine powder for detailed prints and medium powder for prints without fine details. Both types adhere rapidly and provide a consistent, high quality finish on any material and for both light and dark-coloured garments.

DTF powder

Redback Premium DTF adhesive powder for heat transfer

DTF PET film

Redback Premium DTF PET heat transfer film for superior results

Our premium DTF PET films in A3 and A4 sizes have excellent ink absorption for high-precision printing for transfer to cotton, polyester, nylon and mixed fabrics. A premium quality film saves you ink and provides excellent adhesion to the DTF powder, ensuring a consistent finish across the fabric that is vivid and durable. They peel easily, as you’d expect.

DTF cleaning liquid

try our premium products in sample sizes and see the quality for yourself

We sell both DTF concentrated cleaning liquid and DTF unconcentrated cleaning liquid bottles in a few sizes. Our DTF cleaning liquids work for all Epson (Micro Piezo) print heads and all unbranded DTF print heads. A quality DTF cleaning liquid is essential for periodic maintenance (to prevent clogging and optimise performance) and for unclogging a blocked print head. We also supply cleaning liquid accessory packs (swabs; syringe and hose; gloves)

DTF product samples

try our premium products in sample sizes and see the quality for yourself

The direct to film process is a revolutionary new technology, enabling you to create valuable artistic or commercial heat-transferred items your customers will love. If you have been using vinyl or sublimation and are just getting started on DTF, you can sample our premium quality ink, powder and PET film for yourself at minimal cost, shipped to you the same day from us in Sydney. Once you have tried DTF with premium consumables, you'll be hooked on it.