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- This capping cattion is suitable for both Epson i3200,E5113, 4720 printheads, it has a special filter which is helpful for high speed printing

- Sutibul for DTF, Dye, sublimation, UV and Eco-solvent Ink 

- Sturdy, durable and practical.

- Can be easily removed and replaced, long service life.

- Strong corrosion-resistant. 

- Hose/tube diameter (4.2*2.8mm) *

*(4.2mm is the outside measurement from one outer edge to the other outer edge of a hose/tube, and the 2.8mm is the inside measurement from one inside edge to the other inside edge on the interior of a hose/tube).


Different capping stations are available for Epson printheads i3200, E5113, and 4720, depending on the manufacturer's chosen designs. We offer four types of these capping stations to align with these specifications.

Here are the types we provide:

V design: screw positions on the shorter side of the item

T design: screw positions on the longer side

WB (V): another version of the V design

WB (T): another version of the T design

Please carefully review the photos and dimensions to choose the capping station that is most suitable for your printer.


capping station for Epson print head i3200, E5113, 4720


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