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This 38cm * 38cm semi-automatic clamshell heat press has the following features:

  • a slide-out base
  • auto-open
  • interchangeable platens
  • threadable (allowing you to place the platen into the shirt (or other blank) so you can press onto both sides of the shirt. (Without threadability you're limited to creating designs on one side of the shirt).
  • weight: 35kg
  • carton dimensions and weight76cm x 49cm x 54cm; 39kg
  • CertificatesCE (EMC + LVD); RoHS;  SGS;  ISO


This press is equipped with a manual override, a digital display, and a sound signal at the end of work. The auto-open feature avoids over-heating and ruined garments / other blanks.  You can set the timer (with sound) so the press will turn off, releasing and raising the upper heating platen.  You can easily and quickly adjust the pressure settings with the knob on top of the upper platen.

ruby heat press - 38cm * 38cm

  • This sturdy 44kg automatic-open heat press comes with a slide-out base for easy and quick loading of garments and transfers.  It is threadable and interchangeable without a tool.  Designed for all flat heat press applications such as apparel (t-shirts; hoodles; jackets, etc..), art canvas, slippers and other flat products.

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