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This UV cleaning solution for UV-LED flatbed printers will help maintain (clean and unclog) your Piezo Nano printer nozzles so they operate optimally.

Applying it regularly will help to keep your UV-LED printer printing optimally. 

The cleaning solution is pushed through the printhead nozzles where it breaks up/ flushes out any ink particles/ residue that has accumulated there and may block the nozzle. You can use it regularly to protect and moisten the nozzle and prevent residue drying on it. It is simple and easy to use and very inexpensive compared to repairing or replacing a blocked nozzle.

The items in these kits include:

  • Syringe 10ml with attachemt and tube
  • Gloves
  • Cotton swabs
  • lint free cloth

The number of individual items changes with kit options.


Note: this product is not compatible with water-based dtg printers.

This high quality UV cleaning solution is environmentally-friendly.

It has an expiry of 2 years.  


Note: this UV cleaning solution should not be diluted. It can be used regularly for heavy printer use (a few times a week, ideally) and less often for less heavy printer use.

UV printer cleaning solution 100ml