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Your will experience a high print quality and vibrant colours with our premium UV ink, it is 

 ideal for a wide array of rigid substrates including metal, ceramic, wood, glass, and acrylic

Using our high-quality UV ink, it will reduce the likelihood of printhead clogging and promote fast drying.

You can use it on film DTF or in flatbed UV printers.

Choose either pack of :

CYMKW - 1 litre set

or CYMKWV - 1 litre set

General notes about UV stickers 

- UV stickers are not reliably dishwasher-friendly. They are best washed by hand to ensure durability (you want them to last many years of use). It's also important to dry them after washing.

- UV stickers must be applied to smooth surfaces, not uneven or irregular ones.

- Avoid placing the sticker on surfaces subjected to constant heat.

- UV DTF ink is specially designed to work with UV DTF printers and is not suitable for other printing processes.

UV DTF premium ink - 1 litre set

  • This premium UV DTF ink set will work well with all good quality UV film and varnish. Please store it away from direct sunlight and don't expose it to extreme temperatures (keep it within 5 degrees and 30 degrees).

    We'd recommend gently shaking the ink and the varnish before use. This especially applies if you haven't used them for quite a few days. 

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