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About Us

You are most likely looking at this as you are run a heat transfer printing business and are looking for outstanding direct to film (DTF) and sublimation printing consumables, backed by knowledgeable, friendly service, and dispatched to you the same day from Sydney.

We founded Redback Premium Ink in Castle Cove, Sydney, at the end of 2020 to do just this. Our many customers employ DTF and sublimation processes, on both desktop (smaller) and wide format (larger) inkjet printers, to provide custom-designed marketing or artistic apparel, office items and signage to their own customers, who love the quality that is achieved when you use quality consumables.

We only sell DTF ink, PET film and adhesive powder and sublimation ink and paper. Our products are second to none in quality, hence the premium moniker, and are supported by great service. Our customers have peace of mind when ordering from us and can get on with what they do best, which is fulfilling their own customers' orders. They trust our products and trust them to be delivered on time. They know they are dealing with real people, who care about them and their own customers, who can help them with printing issues or connect with them quality industry professionals if needed. They are reassured that they will get their products the next day or the same day if they are in Sydney and buy with the reassurance of Australian consumer law.

All of our DTF ink is made in China from either German or Japanese raw materials. Its superior quality prevents print head clogging and results in vibrant, durable prints and transfers your customers will love.  Our sublimation ink is made in Korea and China, from Korean raw materials.

We are the DTF market leading supplier in Australia, supplying most large players in this new industry. We have pioneered many of the DTF products on the Australian market, including DTF fluorescent inks and DTF black adhesive powder. We stock the largest range of DTF products in Australia.  


DTF printing is a revolution in the heat transfer industry, with not only superior colour vibrancy and durability results compared to vinyl, screen printing and even sublimation printing for most substrates, but costs less and involves less work than most of these processes. 


The ecotank inkjet printers our customers use are also significantly more environmentally responsible than older cartridge printing processes. In Australia more than 85% of ink cartridges end up in landfill. This is 25 million ink cartridges which take between 400 to 1,000 years to decompose, and leach toxins into the soil in doing so. In decomposing, they also become microplastics which we are beginning to understand will cause far more environmental damage than larger plastic items. We are committed to environmentally responsible practices, and use recycled packaging and water- based ink from ISO 14001 partners. ​

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