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sublimation supplies

Redback Premium sublimation ink, paper and adhesive tape

Buy everything you need for sublimation printing for heat transfers of amazingly vibrant and durable prints. Our premium sublimation ink is made in Korea using state-of-the-art processes and the highest quality feedstock. Our premium sublimation paper is Australian made and superior in quality to similarly priced imported papers. Our premium sublimation adhesive tape will adhere and then peel off before of after heat without residue. Buy quality, reasonably priced.

Buy premium quality sublimation ink and paper, shipped to you the same day from Sydney. Don't wait weeks or months to receive inferior quality consumables from overseas. Buy from a local supplier, protected by Australian consumer law and take advantage of friendly, knowledgeable, local advice with just a phone call or zoom.  Browse our products and prices and be confident supplying your customers with stunning and durable artistic or promotional sublimated items. 

sublimation ink

Redback Premium sublimation ink for CYMK ink in different bottle sizes

Our premium sublimation ink is anti-UV/ fade resistant and so will hold its vibrant colours through wear and through many washes and dry cycles. It is both quick drying and does not clog like inferior inks. Use it on a wide range of synthetic materials and product types. We are proud of its versatility, ease of use and durability, but is still reasonably priced.

sublimation paper

Redback Premium sublimation paper for heat transfer

We stock premium sublimation papers for Epson printers in a range of thicknesses. Our papers hold the ink without absorbing it and release it optimally under heat. Our papers also handle the full range of temperatures from heat presses. With sublimation the paper quality is as important as the ink and it is important to select the correct paper for the material you will be sublimating. Buying quality paper will ensure you can deliver high quality sublimated products without waste and delays, giving you peace of mind.

sublimation tape

Redback Premium sublimation heat resistant tape in various sizes

Buy quality sublimation tape to hold your transfers to your media, taking the risk of slipping out of your process. Rely on our premium polyimide kapton heat resistant tape to withstand temperatures of 220 degrees for a long time and 260 degrees for a short time (more than the typical heat press duration) and peel off without glue residue every time. Buy locally in have it shipped to you the same day from Sydney.

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