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UV supplies

premium quality UV ink; film and cleaning solution

UV printing is an amazing new transfer technology that will adhere a visually stunning and durable image such as a logo or sign to a large range of surfaces. It requires a UV printer, UV ink and varnish. 

Please note that we are still testing various types of UV ink and expect to have high quality ink available from the end of 2023. 

UV film

premium quality UV A and B film

High quality UV DTF film A+B packs (A film is the base and B film is the laminator) to apply to a massive range of media (products/ surfaces). Choose from 30cm rolls in 50m or 100m lengths and 60m rolls of 100m length, shipped to you the same day from our Sydney store.

UV printer care & accessories

quality UV printer care and cleaning solutions

High quality UV printer cleaning solutions and moisturiser and quality UV printer accessories (dampers; filters; capping stations; wipers and tube connectors) shipped to you the same day from our Sydney store.

UV ink

premium quality UV ink

for all epson printheads 

available now

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