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60cm * 100m rolls of Redback UV A film (printable film) +B film (laminate film)

- use UV ink and varnish and use a laminating machine to put them together (to transfer the image from the A film to the B film)

- your finished product (UV transfer prints applied to your product surface) can be applied to products such as steel reusable water bottles or to glass or marble walls)

- easy to apply to your product; and easy to peel off the film layer when applying to your surface.

General notes about UV stickers 

- UV stickers are not reliably dishwasher-friendly. They are best washed by hand to ensure durability (you want them to last many years of use). It's also important to dry them after washing.

- UV stickers must be applied to smooth surfaces, not uneven or irregular ones.

- Avoid placing the sticker on surfaces subjected to constant heat.

- UV DTF ink is specially designed to work with UV DTF printers and is not suitable for other printing processes.

UV film 60cm: A+B rolls

  • This premium UV DTF film has been formulated to get optimal results of UV prints.

     Please when deal with them avoid any scrach on them.

    Please do not store in sunlight, nor in a humid environment.

    Film A can in three types: transperant, silver or gold.

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