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dtf glitter / art pet film

redback high quality DTF PET heat transfer film for superior results

glitter / art cold peel pet film sheets & rolls

our premium glitter DTF PET films have excellent ink absorption for high-precision printing for transfer to cotton, polyester, nylon and mixed fabrics. a premium quality film saves you ink and provides excellent adhesion to the DTF powder, ensuring a consistent finish across the fabric that is vivid and durable. choose A3 or A4 glitter PET film in packs of 100 sheets or sample packs of 20 sheets, or 60cm * 100m glitter PET film.

the sheets and rolls are single side frosted and cold peel.

high quality PET film (including our glitter; gold silver and hologram PET film) has a special wax release coating. The quality of this coating is crucial for all of its performance elements: ink absorption; powder adherence and peeling. A number of elements will affect performance, such as the quality of your printing hardware, consumables (ink, film and powder) and the environment (especially humidity) during printing but generally we'd advise: 
- cold peeling after 30 seconds
- lower heat pressing temperature 130-150°C 

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