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Redback premium sublimation Ink is a special high density ink for use with heat transfer processes (heat presses) to produce vivid colours inside the material, which are extremely durable.


Any polyester or polyester-rich fabrics can be easily sublimated with this ink, including light coloured synthetic textiles (including nylon) and rigid polyester films. The inks are commonly used on sportswear, work uniforms and event merchandise apparal, and on ceramic mugs, glasses and advertising signage. 


Our premium sublimation ink is formulated for any Epson inkjet (or Brother inkjet printer) as these printers use the Epson Micro Piezo print head. Please note that this ink should not be used with HP or Canon printers as they use a thermal style of print head, where the ink can sublimate within the head.

Sublimation premium ink CYMK1 litre for desktop printers

    • Suitable for all Epson Micro Piezo print heads (all Epson and most Brother inkjet printers)
    • Rapid drying
    • Foil sealed for prolonged shelf life
    • High density vivid colours
    • Low viscosity to prevent clogging
    • Ink Particle Size: under 100nm (0.1um)
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