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These tweezers will enable you to manipulate surface mount components or other tiny items with ease.

ESD coating on main body of tweezers greatly reduces static discharge issues.

- Duckbill head, angled in 45° 

- Straight head

- Handle Material: stainless steel

- Surface Resistance: 10e3-10e6 ohms

These brushes are great for removing dust, small particles from PCB(A printed circuit board)

or other sensitive components, and dissipate the static electricity.
- Soft and flexibility, no scratch on surfaces.
- Corrosion resistant and fire resistant. 

 - Intended to prevent the buildup of static electricity.

- Material: Nylon 
- Bristles: conductive Nylon Material 
- Handle: conductive PP Material 
- Bristle Surface Resistivity: Bristle Surface Resistivity:10e8-10e10 ohms 
- Handle Surface Resistivity: 10e4-10e6ohms 

How ESD tools work?

Those tools a re made of onductive and dissipative materials, the conductive will allow electricity to flow freely, while dissipative materials control the electric charge to ensure it dissipates slowly and safely.

  • These ESD tools work perfectly to minimise the static charge generation and remove electrostatic charges to ground when held by grounded personnel.
  • Hot stamped ESD protective symbol


Product line, CMOS chip, Microprocessor, Semiconductor, Dish Drivers, Composites, LCD screen product, Circuit product line, Precision instrument, optics part and etc 

ESD printer tools kit

  • This kit can be returned to us within 10 days of purchase if the bottle has not been opened and is undamaged. You will pay for postage and ensure it is packaged well so it is not damaged during shipping. If the packaged item has been damaged in getting to you, please do not accept it, or if it has been left by Australia Post or courier please contact them immediately and take photos, so that they can take responsibility. In this case, they will need to deliver it back to us and we will need to send you a new product.

    For any issues besides damage during shipping, please contact us first to tell us the reason why you want to return it. This premium concentrated cleaning solution is specially formulated for DTF printers and should only be used for Epson print heads.

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