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This chip resetter is compatible to reset chip for a various of Epson inkjet printers such as:

Epson Expression Home models;


Workforce printer models;


Other models:


Some cartrediges model numbers:

T2001-T2004, T2001(XL)-T2004(XL), T2731-T2734, T2771-T2776, T1801-T1804

T1811 (XL)-T1814 (XL), T2611-T2614, T2631-T2634, T2421-T2426, T2431-T2436, T1761-T1764

Reset the chip before the ink level fall to 15%

How to use:

1. align the chip to the groove of chip resetter and enable the probe of chip resetter contacts the contactor of the chips.

3. keep the two units in firm contact. If the red LED-light gleams, it means the connection is good.

4. few seconds later, the red light turns to green, and it indicates the chip data has been revived.

chips can usually be reset several times before they are no longer functional. Generally, a resetter can reset a chip from 5 – 10 times before the chip needs replacement.

Note: for original Epson cartridges  

 if the red LED light doesn't turn to green, you need to check:

1. the contact pins between the chip and the resetter, may ink, oil or dirt prevent the good contact.

2. the original chip might be burnt already, or the chip is updated by Epson, in this case you need a new cartridges 

Note: for generic Epson cartridges

some customers use this chip resetter to reset a compatible Epson chip, but there are some reasons which will prevent it to work properly:

- if the ink guiltily is poor

- if there are air bubbles mixed with ink or trapped inside the cartridge compartment, try to get rid of the air by prime the cartridge with a syringe and ty again.

chip resetter Q-888 for Epson Expression Home series

  • the chip resetter is made of light durable plastic with an easy design to use, it is provided by a battery, this battery is un replacable. You need to buy a new resetter when the battery near it's expiery life. 

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