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a 100m * 30cm roll of Redback Premium DTF PET film. Frosted on one side. This premium PET film is 90 microns thick and is 5 layers (coatings) for optimal ink absorption. Warm peel after around 10 seconds or cold peel for best results. Produces superior results when used with any decent to high quality DTF powder and decent to high quality DTF ink

Please note: Use PET film in a adequately ventilated, dry environment, with humidity between 65-70%. It should be resealed when you are not using it.

DTF 30cm * 100m PET film - single side frosted; cold peel

  • This premium PET film has been formulated for optimal absorption of DTF ink and will peel without problems, leaning stunningly vivid and durable DTF transfers

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