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- The damper has a special filter which is  helpful for high speed printing.

- Sutibul for DTF, dye, sublimation and dco-solvent Ink.

- Sturdy, durable and practical.

- Can be easily removed and replaced, long service life.

- Strong corrosion-resistant.

- Hose/tube diameter (3mm OD/1.8mm ID)*


*(3mm is the outside measurement from one outer edge to the other outer edge of a hose/tube, and the1.8mm is the inside measurement from one inside edge to the other inside edge on the

interior of a hose/tube).

- Some of these dampers can be used universally, one damper could apply to different printhead models, we have mentioned the most common printheads which can use these dampers with. Please check the item appearance, size, and compare it with the original part before placing your order to make sure the product will fit your machine.

ink dampers for Epson print head DX5,1390,L1800


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