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This DTF print remover will completely remove DTF prints from your garments, whether they are newly pressed or years old and have been in the washing machine regularly in this time. It will remove the prints from most fabrics, such as 100% cotton; 100% polyester, and mixed garments of polyester, elastin and nylon. We have found it a bit challenging with cool-dry fabric (as shown in our video).

This solvent is concentrated, fast drying and will save you obvious time and money applying to mistakes or changes you'd like to make to your garments.

The liquid can be purchased with the application accessories kit or without it (=liquid only).

The kit contains:

- 1x 250ml DTF print remover liquid

- 1x pair gloves 

- 1x plastic blade 

The bottle has an easy application nozzle to easily control the amount of the liquid you drop on the print, minimising waste.

When handling this liquid, use gloves (such as those in the kit) to protect your skin.


Note: This DTF remover can be used on old DTF prints or new ones. If you have a new print and you need to remove all or part of it, please wait until the print cools down and then apply the print remover.


Avoid dropping the liquid onto the plastic blade provided with the kit. Drop the liquid onto the print first, leave for 4-5 seconds and then start to scrach it gentely with the plastic blade, as shown in our video.

This solution should not be diluted.

It does not contain any chlorinated solvents.

It has a shelf life of 2 years although evaporation can occur so always keep the lid on the bottle when you are not using it.  

instant DTF print remover 100m

  • This DTF Remover is made of organic solvents(carbon-based substances), glue removers, surfactants.

    This product:

    Not falamable

    Vaporizes very fast, Keep the container closed after use.

    Can cause serious eye irritation, respiratory irritation, drowsiness or dizziness if not used correctly.

    How to use:

    You remove the print manually by droping enough liquid to cover the part of the print you want to remove, please wear the gloves provided (or your own) to protect your skin.

    We recommend:

    Pressing a new transfer over the top to cover any glue left behind. Washing the garment after using DTF remover before pressing over the top if possible. 


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