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Our premium quality products

dye ink

bottled ink for ecotanks and refillable cartridges

These are the original inks for inkjet printers. Using a dye dissolved in water, along with various optical compounds, dye-based inks create a bright and vibrant colour on the page. They also result in sharper text fonts too. However, due to the thinner and less durable nature of dye-based inks, they will fade rather quickly when exposed to too much sunlight. In addition, the water-based components take longer to dry on the paper which can create a smudging issue.

We sell a range of bottle sizes, the most popular being 100ml and 250ml and 1 litre bottles

pigment ink

bottled ink for eco-tanks and refillable cartridges

Pigment-based inks are made up of solid particles that come from pigment powder. They dry quickly and have superior durability (less colour loss over time) than dye ink. They are therefore ideal for photos, including archiving and for printing on glossy paper. However, they are more labour intensive and expensive to manufacture, meaning they are more expensive to the user and are not as vibrant in colour as dye inks. 

We sell a range of bottle sizes, the most popular being 100ml and 250ml and 1 litre bottles

sublimation ink

bottled ink for eco-tanks and refillable cartridges

Used for sublimating textile and other materials using a heat press, whereby ink is transferred from paper (it was printed onto) to synthetic (or synthetic-rich) fabrics, or to ceramic, metal or other materials. Sublimation ink is water-soluble, with small molecular particle size and produces saturated, vivid, photo-quality colours and won't crack, peel, or get washed off. Under the heat press, the sublimation ink turns into a gas and the pores of the polyester coated item open up, allowing the gas to enter. When it is removed from the heat the item's pores close up, trapping the ink inside.

We sell a range of bottle sizes, the most popular being 100ml and 250ml and 1 litre bottles

refillable cartridges

heat transfer & sublimation paper

heat transfer vinyl

cartridges for all major brands of inkjet printers

Refillable inkjet cartridges will save you and the planet the expense of replacing your cartridges. What could be easier than ordering refillable cartridges for your printer and refilling them with ink from a bottle when they run out? We sell cartridges and replacement ink at OEM quality for sublimation ink, pigment ink and dye ink, which are compatible with all major brands of printers. Using cartridges also makes it possible to switch types of ink for your print jobs using the same printer, and our refillable cartridges mean it is affordable and eco-friendly to do so.

for pigment & sublimation ink for heat transfer

We sell high quality paper for heat transfer from easypress; iron; or heatpress heat transfer processes. Our heat transfer paper is used on cotton garments. Its high quality means you can even use it with dye ink besides the more commonly used pigment ink.

Our sublimation paper is used for synthetic textiles; ceramic; metal; timber; glass (or any material that can handle the heat in the heat transfer). We also supply parchment paper and teflon sheets for use with heat presses. All of our papers are of the highest quality and made in Korea.

for printing for t-shirts and other materials

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a specialty vinyl polymer that most of our customers use for printing on t-shirts using a heat press. We sell our HTV in rolls (30cm X 1m) or sheets (12  inch X 7.5 inch). The HTV has a plastic adhesive backing that is torn away (or ‘weeded’) from the cut vinyl design before the vinyl is pressed onto a textile or other material. 

HTV rolls or sheets comes in single colors and also has special options such as patterned, glitter, glow-in the dark; holographic; reflective or 3D puff. .

We sell our HTV in rolls (30cm X 1m) or sheets (12  inch X 7.5 inch).

We can make any inkjet printer ink or paper to your specifications. Just tell us what you need.
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