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Redback premium DTF PET film - instant peel, 100 sheets of A3 size in ziplocked bag. Frosted on both sides.

  • plastic base film 75µm (some factories choose thinner base films, such as 60 micrometres, or even as low as 50 or 35 micrometres, to achieve cost savings)
  •  (base +coating) thickness: 85 - 90µm for optimal ink absorption

 Produces superior results when used with any decent DTF powder and decent DTF ink.

 Instant peeling, hot peel, or cold peel.

Please note:

Use PET film in an adequately ventilated, dry environment, with humidity between 50-60%. It should be resealed when you are not using it.

The pack includes a note indicating which side is suitable for printing.

Heat press temperature 150-160 °C, 8 sec the pressing temperature may vary depending on the type of equipment or brand utilized.

A3 DTF PET film double side frosted; instant peel

  • This premium PET film has been formulated for optimal absorption of DTF ink and will peel without problems, leaning stunningly vivid and durable DTF transfers.

    Please ensure that your unused  film is stored in its airtight (ziplocked) bag away from humidity as moisture can affect any good PET film's ink absorption and powder adherance. Do not store it in very cold (below 5 degrees) or hot environments (above 30 degrees) and store away from direct sunlight.

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