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- This filter is suitable for all inkjet printer to prevent the printhead from clogging effectively and extend life time of print heads

- Cylinder diameter 2.5cm

- Sutibul for DTF, dye, sublimation and co-solvent Ink.

- Filtering 5 μm*

- The diameter of the tube (4.2mm OD/2.8 mm ID), or (5mm OD/3mm ID)


- We would recommend these filters to be replaced every three-six months. It can be easily removed and replaced.

*(filters with a 5 micron rating can remove some materials from liquid but not bacteria or viruses).

Please check the item appearance, size, and compare it with the original part before placing your order to make sure the product will fit your machine.

- Not recomended for UV ink

5 micron cylindrical ink filter for all inkjet printers type B


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