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2kg of Redback premium white DTF hot melt adhesive powder.

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)).

Granulometry (particle size): 120 -250 µm (microns).   

Shake this onto your printed transfer, heat it up until it melts, then use a heat press to adhere the transfer to your T-shirt or other material. Works for any material and for both light and dark garments.

The curing time

  • Small oven: Typically ranges between 95 to 105 degrees Celsius for around 2 minutes in small oven, though it may vary depending on the type of equipment/brand used.
  • complete setup (printer and shaker): The curing duration for a complete setup (printer and shaker) is synchronized with the machine's operating speed.


DTF medium-fine white powder 2kg

  • This premium PET powder has been formulated for optimal adhesion using quality PET film and ink. It is medium-fine powder, ideal for detailed prints. It provides rapid adhesion and a consistent finish to all areas of the film, including the very fine edges.

    The best all-round quality powder is not too fine, nor too coarse.

    Fine powder particles are very sensitive to moisture, tending to bind and causing slight irregularities in the finish, causing the print to be slightly thicker in some areas than its otherwise optimal silky finish.

    Powder that is too coarse will be more difficult to get an even melted coating with and is especially tricky to get right for small details on the edges of your prints (like small text).

    Please store the powder away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures (below 5 degrees Celsius and above 30 degrees Celsius)

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