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Premium DTF water-based high density digital textile pigment ink. For use with i3200; 4720 and L1800 print heads. This ink will produce vivid colours with outstanding durability. Can be used in Epson printers (modified for DTF) as well as most kinds of DTG machines. Specially formulated to reduce print head clogging and drying. It is a good idea to shake your ink regularly and your white ink each day (or even attach a low volt electric stirring device to your white ink tank).

The shelf life of our DTF colour ink 1 year,  and for our DTF white ink 9-10 months, keep at room temperature.

Please choose your colour and add each bottle separately to the cart.


We'd recommend you choose our desktop ink for any printer (desktop or large format) that has printhead model DX7.

- We'd recommend our large format ink for DTG printers

DTF premium ink CYMKW 1 litre

  • This premium DTF ink will work well with all good quality DTF PET film and DTF adhesive powder. Please store it away from direct sunlight and don't expose it to extreme temperatures (keep it within 5 degrees and 30 degrees).

    We'd recommend gently shaking the bottles for 10-15 seconds before your day's use. This especially applies if you haven't used them for quite a few days. The white ink requires regular shaking (a couple of times a day is ideal) and we'd recommend that you use a low voltage electric stirring device attached to your tank or bottle if you are likely to forget to shake the white ink.

    Please note that we have attached a metal cap over the rubber seal on the 1 kg bottles for extra security in shipping and you will remove this easily with a pair of pliers (or a multitool).

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