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Get started with DTF with our premium ink, powder and film, shipped to your door the same day from Sydney. 

This pack includes:

  • Redback Premium DTF ink, consisting of:

     - 1 * 100ml Cyan Redback premium DTF ink

     - 1 * 100ml Yellow Redback premium DTF ink

     - 1 * 100ml Magenta Redback premium DTF ink

     - 1 * 100ml Black Redback premium DTF ink

     - 2 * 100ml litre of White Redback premium DTF ink

  • 100 sheets of A4 premium DTF PET film, frosted on both sides, hot peel

(select other sized sheets in packs of 100: A3 or A3+, in single or double side frosted. All sheets are hot peel (which can also be cold peeled).

  • 1 kg of Redback premium DTF white fine powder

This is everything you need for your DTF printer to start printing high quality and durable transfers to any surface. Shop with confidence from Australia's leading DTF consumables supplier, shipped the same day to you from Sydney. 

Please note for best peeling of hot peel PET film:  peel it immediately after the heat press, or wait until it is cold, which is 10-15 seconds later, before peeling, In other words, peel it hot or peel it cold. It is not always as easy to peel it warm.

Note: We'd recommend you choose our desktop ink for any printer (desktop or large format) that has printhead model Xp600 and DX7.

DTF Value Pack A

  • The bundle can be returned to us within 10 days of purchase if the bottles and bags of film and powder have not been opened and are undamaged. Please contact us if you wish to return an item for any reason or if you are dissatisfied with the results of our ink. film and powder. These premium products are specially formulated for DTF printers.

  • If you would like to pick your order up rather than get it posted to you, please enter the promo code PICKUP to get a 5% discount, then contact us at or at 0424 277 331 to arrange a pickup time.

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