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This concentrated Piezo Nano head cleaning liquid will help unclog your printer nozzles so they operate optimally. The amount you need for each nozzle depends on how severe the clogging is, but usually 5-8ml per colour nozzle is sufficient.

The items in these kits include:

  • Syringe 10ml
  • Gloves
  • Cotton swabs
  • lint free cloths

The number of individual items changes with kit options.


Note: you can use this concentrated cleaner as it is. It can also be diluted withpurified water. If your blockage is severe, we'd recommend you use it without dilution by soaking the print head in the solution for max 15min and then set it on a dry lint free cloth to dry with he nozzle facing up.


The active ingredients in the concentrate are:

glycerol; 2-methoxyethyl ether; distilled water; solvents; surfactants; corrosion inhibitors; anti-foaming agents; humectants.


DTF - Printhead cleaning concentrate 100ml

  • This premium Piezo Nano print head cleaning concentrate  does not need to be diluted.

    You can clean the print head manually or via the cleaning function in your printer or on your PC.

    It is a good idea to check whether the nozzle needs to be cleaned. If it is operating well, you don't need to clean it. Cleaning it usually costs you around 10% - 20% of your ink for each colour nozzle.

    Signs that your printer head is clogged include:

    • your print is blurry, or
    • the colours are faded or degraded (which is usually striping across the print), or
    • you get blank pages despite having sufficient ink in the cartridges.

    It is a good idea to clean your printer head once a month - the most you use it, the greater the likelihood you will need to clean it. 


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