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This set of 2 cartridges contains:

  • 2 * compatible Epson C13T725A0N white ink cartridge (empty) with attached chips  (A1,A2)
  • 2* funnels


Choose empty (default choice) or with:

1 litre bottle of DTF white ink

2 * 1 litre bottles of DTF white ink

2* spare chips (A1,A2)

2* spare chips (A1,A2) and 1 liter white ink

2* spare chips (A1,A2) and 2 liter white ink

How to install the refillable cartridges:

Please follow these steps when you install the cartridges for the first time:

- Fill the cartridges with ink, we would recommend filling them to its full capacity 600ml.

- Open the coloured plug, the small hole for air circulation before installing the cartridges. see figure1.

- Open the cartridge bay door, remove Epson original cartridges, then install the compatible refillable cartridges into their respective positions inside the print head compartment, verify that the cartridge is seated in the printer securely.

- Push it down firmly until you hear a click, then close the cartridge bay door.

 Please contact us if you found any difficulty to make them work.

Please note:

- Most of the time, your printer will work with these cartridges with the default combination (A1; A2). Although it is not common, some printers have been known to reject one of these chips. In this case, they will  function with another combination, either (A1; A1), or (A2; A2).

If this is the first time you are using refillable cartridges, start with the default combination (A1; A2). If this does not work (which is rare), you can purchase an A1 chip or an A2 chip separately.

- "one-time chip," it means that the chip can only be used for a single reset or refill operation. After this operation when the ink starts to run out, the chip becomes inactive or unusable, it is necessary to replace the chip, and then refill the cartridges for futher use.

- Updating your Epson printer firmware version may prompt a cartridge problem message on your printer’s display, preventing you from using compatible cartridges. Customers that want to continue using compatible cartridges may choose to avoid updating their firmware

Sutible for Epson SureColor SC-F2000 SC-F2100 SC-F2130 SC-F2160

Epson SureColor F2000 / F2100 / F2160 compatible empty refillable cartridge

  • These new ink cartridges are made of a transparent polypropylene material PP which is considered as an environmentally conscious option, with its high transparency property make them convenient for observing the ink levels. These cartridges are reinforced with leak-proof design for a long-time use.

    The (on-time chip) means when the ink level indicate low and the cartridge stop to work, you need to take it out form the printer, replace the chip with a new one, re-fill the cartridge, put it back into the printer and resume your printing.

    The chip will display the ink level.

    Please use the funnels that included in this pack to refill the cartridges for your own convenience.


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