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Use this laser pointer to easily and accurately align your artwork to your garment on the heat press (before pressing)


  • helps with centre your designs or placing them in a particular spot on the garment
  • ensures fast, accurate, consistent design placement
  • easily adjustable 
  • compatible with any brand of heat press
  • power supply 5v DC
  • adapter with Australian standard plug
  • service life  7000h


The dimensions of these this detachable laser and stand are:

- stand: 65cm (H); 56cm (W); with a base diameter of 20cm

- detachable laser bulb: 7cm (L)

It weighs 3.5kg (most of this weight is in the stand's base)

length is 65cm and its base is 20cm wide, please see attached photos.



heat press laser alignment system

  • with 100mW(megawatt), this red cross laser module employs qualified 648nm red laser diode to generates a stable and reliable red laser cross alighment for various industrial uses.

    The warranty on this laser and stand is 1 year from date of purchase. Please take care not to shine this laser (like any laser) in your eye, as doing so can cause damage to it.

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