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A high quality AAA grade suitable for microwave.

Individual gift box is included, each mug wrapped in bubble wrap bag for extra protection during the transportation. 

Washing: dishwasher or preferably hand washing with warm water and detergent for longer life 

you can choose those beautiful sublimation black colour changing mugs in differen packs of:

  • 48 mugs ($5 per mug)
  • 24 mugs ($4.79 per mug)
  • 12 mugs ($4.27 per mug)


mug dimensions.

size: 11oz

diameter: 8.2cm

height: 9.5cm

weight: 313g (net); 338g in its box

gift box dimensions.

(L)10.5cm* (W)9.3cm*(H)9.8cm


sublimation black colour changing mug, AAA grade (12 pack; 24 pack; 48 pack)


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