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This UV cleaning solution for UV-LED DTF flatbed for all Epson UV printers will help maintain your printer to operate optimally 

Select either the 500ml moisturizer or the pack that includes:

- a 500ml bottle of UV print head moisturiser for all Epson UV printers.

- a 10ml syringe with attachment and tube

- 6 lint-free cloths

Every day use: at the end of the day, place a few drops of moisturising liquid onto the capping station and leave it on. This will prevent the heads from drying out.

After cleaning the print head: it is a good idea to place a few drops onto the capping station (as above)

Note: this product is not compatible with water-based dtg printers.

This high - quality UV moisturiser solution is environmentally-friendly.

It has an expiry of 2 years.  


The active ingredients in the UV moisturiser:

Diethylene glycol butyl ether acetate,N-Nitroso-N-phenylhydroxylamine aluminium salt, soda ash and distilled water.

UV moisturiser liquid for all Epson UV printers 500ml


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