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What can I do to achieve a softer feel in my DTF prints?

1. Experiment with the white ink percentage, but keep in mind that reducing the ratio should not compromise the adherence of powder to the garment or affect the vibrancy of print colors, particularly on black or colored garments. With certain low-quality colored fabrics, there's a risk of dye migration during the transfer process, where the garment colors activate and seep into the white underbase, altering the intended colors. This phenomenon is known as dye migration and can result in unexpected color outcomes.

2. Softer and lighter fabrics tend to work well with achieving a softer result.

3.The film coating plays a significant role. A dense coating results in a substantial feel, as it transfers along with the ink onto the garment.

Testing your new settings on a garment and washing it is advisable to verify color vibrancy and assess how effectively the ink has bonded.

And remember It is a lot of trial and error until you get it right!



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