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  • Vian

my story with glow in the dark and the mysterious rabbit

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

I have a beautiful indelible memory with glow in the dark. When I was a young teen, I was fascinated with the this kind of material that absorbed the light and then shone out its energy in dark places, like my bedroom at night.

It was a bit scary to look down at my pyjama top. I almost couldn't sleep as it seemed that the print came alive as soon as I turned off the light. I remember the print was a lovely rabbit, eating a lovely carrot and green leaf. My innocent mind warned me that when I turned off the light, this lovely rabbit will turn into a monster and start to eat me instead of the carrot.

We all have such memories, and we pass them down as stories to our kids or loved ones, stories told especially on nights like Halloween. The stories that fit the occasion, like Halloween or Christmas nights are very special for us and hopefully for those we tell.

Halloween is more fun in the dark when things (like pyjamas) glow. Whether you are making for loved ones of making for sale, you can help make someone's night, and future stories. You can give them things that glow in the dark, that stay in their mind, when everything else sleeps, even years from now. This is pretty special.



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