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What are the two main types of printhead technologies?

Updated: Jan 18

There are two main printhead technology commonly used in inkjet printers:

  1. Thermal Printheads:

  • Thermal printheads use tiny heating elements to heat the ink, creating vapor bubbles that expand and force ink droplets onto the paper. These printheads are often found in consumer inkjet printers.

  1. Piezoelectric Printheads:

  • Piezoelectric printheads utilize piezoelectric crystals that change shape when an electric current is applied.

Micro Piezo is a type of piezoelectric inkjet technology developed by Epson.

Epson, as a company, may use different technologies in various printer models depending on the intended market, application, and target audience.

Epson also has professional and industrial printers that may use different printhead technologies, such as PrecisionCore.

What are the other applications that using piezo element?

  1. Electric Lighters:

  2. Piezoelectric Transformers:

  3. Microphones:

  4. Piezoelectric Filters

  5. Piezoelectric Igniters in Gas Appliances and more.

Piezo** is a Greek root meaning pressure or push

Enjoy watching the video below, it simplify how piezo printhead working in Epson printer:



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