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Introducing art DTF PET films: glitter; gold; silver; chameleon (colour changing); glow in the dark

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

If you would like to give your design an extra artistic look, try our art PET films

These films have a special coating mixed with the wax on one side of the film. You use them just like a regular DET PET film, and of course work best with decent DTF ink and adhesive powder.

The thickness for these films is 75 microns in 5 layers (coatings) for optimal ink absorption.

It has the same properties as a regular film (in terms of sensitivity to unsuitable temperature and humidity levels). They should be used in an adequately ventilated, dry environment, with humidity between 45-60%. Your PET film roll should be resealed for storage (when you won't use it for a few days or longer).

The settings of the heat press and temperature are different. This information is on the product labels and is also on our website in each item's description.

Please note:

If you are using a desktop printer (A4, A3) for DTF printing rather than a commercial or a large format printer, we would recommend you use a higher temperature and longer press time than what it is suggested (and what you normally do for your regular PET film) to help the ink get through all layers of the film. Try to increase these two factors incrementally until you get the best result for your set-up.


Because the nozzle pressure (forcing the ink out) for some desktop printheads may not be sufficient to force the ink through all layers of the DTF film, compared to the pressure from large format or commercial printer printheads. Increasing the time and temperature will help ink to absorb through the layers and stick to the last layers of the film, which have a special coating.

- These films work with DTF ink, like any regular DTF PET film.

- If you have never used art PET films before, it's a good idea to get (and play with) the sample rolls of 20 metre rolls first

- Best results tend to be on soft fabric rather than coarse fabric.



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