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Our ICC profiles for ' Large format' and 'Desktop printer' ink

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Every device that outputs colour or displays colour can have its own ICC profile.

Since all devices display/output colour differently, a standard was set by the International Colour Consortium (ICC). With this standard, devices that are originally far from accurate can be profiled to match. And the profile can be manually adjusted if necessary.

To create a specific ICC profile tailored for your need, you have to consider all of the products (in combination) that you are using (film type, ink, motherboard name, printhead model, software program). Even the type of garment you are transferring the art design to will affect the result of the colours.

These ICC profiles are provided by our ink supplier based on printhead and the ink type. We would recommend you trying them if you have some challenges with color accuracy.


- Before using any new ICC profile, you need to copy your own file and save it, in case you'd like to use it again.

- We would recommend you test the ICC profile colours. You will want a good test image to use: one that shows photos with many colors, flesh tones, black and white images, gradients, and solid black, that will help to show you everything you need to see.

These color profiles created based on the ink and printhead models provided by our ink supplier, please try them if you like:

- Epson printhead i3200 using our 'large format' ink type:
ICC profile large format i3200180423
Download RAR • 7.70MB

- We'd recommend you choose our desktop ink for any printer (desktop or large format) that has printhead model Xp600 and DX7. But some customers using this (large format printer) type of ink already with these models and they are satisfied with results. This is the ICC profile if you'd like to try for this combination:
- Epson printhead Xp600,DX7 260522 using our 'large format' ink type:
Epson printhead Xp600 and DX7 260522
Download RAR • 503KB
Epson printhead L1800 15000W R260 R270 R330 R360 'large format' ink type:
DTF ICC profile EpsonL1800 1500W R260 R270 R330 R360
Download RAR • 503KB

Epson printhead i3200 using our 'desktop' ink type
ICC profile desktop i3200 140423
Download RAR • 2.89MB



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