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Precautions to take before cleaning your printhead manually

To minimize the risk of damage to your printer and prevent potential electric shocks or other hazards, please keep in mind the following simple instructions:

  1. Always unplug the printer before introducing any liquids, whether by dripping or using a dampened lint-free cloth.

  2. Check your grounded circuit system. If you are concerned about incorrect wiring in your home, consult with a qualified electrician to verify and address any issues.

  3. Wear gloves (rubber, latex, or nitrile) when working on your printer.

  4. Prioritize eye protection by using safety glasses to prevent ink splashes or exposure to cleaning solutions.

  5. In the event of accidental liquid spills inside the printer during the cleaning process, it is crucial to promptly dry the spilled liquid using lint-free cloths. Allow the printer to thoroughly air dry before proceeding with any further actions.

  6. Take the necessary time to let the printer air dry adequately before reinstalling the printhead or other components. This precautionary measure ensures that the printer is completely dry and minimizes the risk of complications during reassembly.

stay safe!



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