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Facts about the I3200 printhead useful for DTF printer users

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

General features:

  • The I3200 series printhead is also known as the 4720 printhead; EP3200; or EPS3200 printhead.

  • Speed: The I3200 printhead has 3200 nozzles (8*400), printing speed can reach 26-33 sqm/h (4PASS without feather)**.

  • Resolution: The I3200 printhead adopts TFP technology (thin-film piezoelectric), the smallest droplet is 2.5pl, variable dots technology, which ensures a wonderful high resolution printing results.

  • Application: The I3200 printhead has three models such as I3200-A1(used for DTF); I3200-E1 and I3200-U1.They can be used with water-based ink, eco solvent ink, solvent ink, sublimation ink, UV ink, pigment ink. It is very versatile and widely used.

  • Lifespan: 1-3 years.


In printing, feathering is a defect in the print characterised by uneven, ragged edges of the print area, and it mostly caused by ink spreading across a material instead of being absorbed in place.

Other causes could be for example; a build up of dust, static electricity, low ink viscosity, or poor transfer of ink.


- The I3200 series printheads are industrial-grade printheads developed specifically for large format printers. Large format printers have a maximum printing width of between 24 and 100 inches (60cm and 254cm), so this printhead will not perform optimally in a printer smaller than this printing width.

Epson I3200 - A1 Water Printhead

Epson I3200 - E1 Solvent Printhead

Epson I3200 - U1 UV Printhead



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