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Chip resetter

Updated: Jan 7

What leads to the need for resetting a chip?

An Epson cartridge is equipped with a memory chip that keeps track of the printed page count, serving as the basis for estimating ink levels in the printer. Consequently, when a cartridge is refilled, the displayed ink level may be inaccurate due to the chip retaining the previous page count. If a cartridge exceeds its designated page limit, the printer may reject further printing, regardless of the actual remaining ink.

To address this issue, the chip resetter is employed to reset the page number back to zero, allowing the use of a refilled cartridge without the constraints imposed by the accumulated page count.

What is a chip resetter?

It's a plastic device with numbers of pins. The pins on the reset tool must line up with your cartridge's pins, which are on the bottom or side edge of the cartridge.

How to res-set the chip?

First; find the suitable chip reset tool by performing an online search, such as entering "Epson cartridge chip reset tool," and be sure to specify the exact model of your printer (e.g., Epson SureColor P5000/5070).

Second; When your printer indicates low ink, remove the cartridge and refill it with ink. Next, align the chip pins on the cartridge with the resetter pins, and firmly press the cartridge down for a few seconds. Initially, a red light will signify a successful connection, and after a brief moment, a green LED light will indicate that the page number has been reset.


  • There isn't a one-size-fits-all chip resetter; generally, cartridges have clusters with either 7 or 9 pins. Before making a purchase, carefully compare the pin configuration of the reset tool visually with the number and arrangement of pins on the bottom of your print cartridge.

  • To reset (and refill) a cartridge when it has at least 15% of its ink left. 

  • The resetter is compatible with both original Epson cartridges and a majority of third-party compatible cartridges. However, since it's impractical to test every third-party cartridge available, we can only confirm the resetter's compatibility with the specific model of cartridges that have been tested.



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