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How to refill Epson compatible cartridges?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Before refill the cartridges, please note:

If you get a low ink warning message, you do not need to refill the cartridges straight away, check first if they are really empty, because if you still have ink left in the cartridges and you will top them to full, what happens maybe after few minutes you will get a new message that says empty cartridge whereas it's still have ink in it. Because the chip is pre- programmed for a full cartridge and when you do so, the ink become out of sync with the chip.

The right way to re-fill the cartridges is when the message says empty or you are sure there is very little amount left in the cartridge, or until print quality becomes unacceptable, that way you stay in sync.

For optimal functionality of the refillable cartridges:

Do not manually update your printer's firmware / disable automatic firmware updates on your printer.

Please use the complete set of refillable cartridges in your printer.

How to re-fill a cartridge:

Step 1:

Take the cartridge/s out, if the chip on the refillable cartridges has a chip re-setter, re-sett the chip before refill the cartridges.

Open the coloured plug on the cartridge, see figure 1and figure2, use the syringe and the attachment provided to re-fill the cartridge with ink, some refillable cartridges have a label shows the maximum level for the ink to refill.

Step 2:

Open the clear plug and leave it always open when the cartridges in use to let the air circulate inside the cartridge see. figure3.

(keep the clear plugs to re-use them if you transport the printer to avoid any spillage)

Snap the filled cartridges into the position of the respective ink color inside the printhead carriage by pressing the upper and lower ends of the top of the cartridge again after the first snap-in. In this way, you ensure that the ink outlet is reliably open and that there is contact between the contact pins of the printhead carriage and the contact surfaces on the ink chip on the cartridge.

When all refillable cartridges are in the printhead carriage, close the cover, Epson printer will start processing the cartridges information. The printer will indicate on the display that the refillable cartridges are not original Epson consumables - which is correct. Please follow the steps on the display - it is necessary that you confirm the use of the refillable cartridges - the printer accepts the refillable ink cartridges and displays them with full ink level.



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